Each new year brings in fresh, interesting design ideas. As the bathroom continues to play a key role in the home, we take a look at trends in bathroom aesthetics and concepts which promise to make a big splash in 2019. 1. Storage As life becomes busier, emphasis is on a leaner bathroom space. Clean, uncluttered areas are a central part of this theme where storage is well organised and simplified. Think of the Jeeves Tangent L Ladder Rail – synonymous with innovative simplicity. This model provides a unique storage offering with a singular style. Serving as a magnetic focal point, the Ladder Rail provides ample space to show off a continuous supply of fresh smelling, dry toasty towels. The Tangent M is another attractive storage option. Adding a boutique spa-like look to the bathroom space, this heated towel rail is in sync with the storage trend of simple, easy access to bathroom accessories. With its shelf design for folded towels, the Tangent M maximises bathroom space, giving a neat, chic effect. Extending with a graceful curve into a wall-mounted horizontal rail, the Tangent M provides a second compact area as a sophisticated alternative storage space for your towels. 2. Personalize your Space 2019 is the year where the bathroom comes into its own as a space where you can relax, unwind and just be yourself, enjoying the freedom of time out - an experience that’s becoming more significant as our world becomes increasingly faster paced. Self-expression is a quintessential part of this intimate environment and choosing key heated towel rail designs to suit your personality will allow you to do just that. For a start, look at the freestanding floor mounted Tangent X – an impressive model which holds much appeal for individualising a space with a unique touch. Bringing breath-taking poise, this heated towel creates an indulgent experience, with a look that brings an individual stamp to the room. For an equally striking, contemporary expression, the Quadro P makes its entrance in style. Juxtaposing groups of curved bars with an angular square frame, the Quadro P allows you to bring your distinctive character and personality into the space while creating a private retreat from the demands and busyness of the world. 3. The natural touch The New Year tips its hat to the beauty of the natural world, incorporating nature’s innate tranquillity into the bathroom space in a variety of textures and shades. Greys, golds and pinks, available in a choice of heated towel rail finishes, recreate the splendour of nature from blossoms spread against rolling hills to the unique pastel palette stretching across the sky as the sun goes down each day. While these options are available in all Jeeves exquisitely crafted designs, introducing the sophisticated simplicity of the Jeeves Spartan range expands this experience into an oasis of unfettered calm. With regularly appointed tubular bars – the Spartan range echoes the smooth visual flow and spaciousness of nature, providing heavenly warmed up towels to complete the space as a haven of delight. 4. Exposed Hardware Every part of the bathroom is celebrated, with the trend to include previously enclosed elements such as piping and deliberately exposing these elements as part of the décor. In this way both functional and ornamental aspects of the bathroom blend harmoniously together, each making a decorative contribution as an integral part of the space, reflecting the dissolving boundaries of our world as we all become part of the global village. Jeeves offers a selection of finishes with a universal appeal to compliment the different materials of exposed bathroom hardware. Colour offerings such as yellow gold, white, antique rose gold, black, matt, brushed or mirror polished compliment functional elements, redefining bathroom aesthetics. Combining into a sumptuous decorative style, each component is recognised as a significant part of the overall bathroom experience. 5. The Smart Bathroom As digitization becomes more and more part of our everyday, this trend is taken up in the bathroom space. No stranger to technological innovation, Jeeves continues to lead the way with Automatic Heating Technology or AHT - an intelligent, convenient and energy efficient method of heating towel rails. Unique to Jeeves, AHT is the only heating technology featuring a thermostat; a device that automatically responds to temperature changes and activates internal switches controlling the warmth of the heated towel rail. Putting safety and convenience first, the benefit is two-fold: optimum operating temperatures bringing a constant supply of dry towels, complimented by the lowest electricity consumption – both of which are achieved effortlessly and independently, without any input needed on your part. This brings you sheer luxury of a heated towel rail at your fingertips, without having to constantly concern yourself with manual temperature controls or complex digital timers. In fact, all you need do is to savour bathroom tranquility while enjoying the ideal temperature of your warmed-up towels. 6. Minimalism meets luxury This trend combines the clean lines and seamless appearance of the minimalist aesthetic together with a sublime experience of luxury. And with the heated towel rail epitomizing the ultimate pampering experience – this sleek contoured accessory takes centre stage. Introducing the elegantly crafted Jeeves Classic E, where a contoured silhouette meets the sensual essence of heated towel rail design. With its grouping of 5 + 7 bars, simplicity becomes synonymous with opulence, creating a sophisticated uncluttered appearance that will keep you on trend and in style. Wrapping it up The bathroom space continues to evolve, mirroring the changes in the world and our lifestyle needs. As new trends set the pace for the New Year, design options open up. And while these trends provide a design context, they also encourage you to experiment with your own fresh ideas, transforming the bathroom into a personalised space which reflects your particular design choices. New décor concepts become inspiration for an environment which mirrors your lifestyle, supporting and spoiling you every day, to make 2019 the best year yet, both inside and outside the bathroom.