Mother’s Day gives us the perfect excuse to focus on the moms, grans, gogos and maternal figures that play an important part in our lives.  With that in mind, we thought it would be the ideal time to take a look at bringing a  ‘’feminine’’ touch to bathroom décor. Now, don’t get us wrong 😊 - there is no such thing as the so-called feminine décor only being for ladies or the so-called masculine décor only being for gentleman.  At the end of the day, the interplay of both looks offset one another, creating a timeless charm with each complementing the other as an integral part of a design whole. With that being said, in celebration of all the moms and maternal figures in our lives, Jeeves Heated Towel Rails takes a look at delightful ways to use the heated towel rail in bringing a feminine touch to the bathroom. 1. Luxe look It is no secret that the heated towel rail has an intrinsic luxurious feel.  Brought into the bathroom space, this contoured design elevates the bathroom experience into a pampered retreat. Superbly encapsulated by the Tangent X, this freestanding heated towel rail from Jeeves, with its symmetrical tubular bars, introduces a quiet visual flow in which time slows down, allowing mom to bask in sumptuous, heavenly warmed up towels or the enveloping delight of a heated bathrobe. And while pampering is not exclusively feminine territory, it certainly adds a nuanced dimension to the bathroom experience.  2. The refreshing spa look There is something special about the relaxed spa style that invites one to let go of the cares of the day.  Time becomes suspended in the indulgent experience of an unhurried serenity, while your heated towel rail is quietly creating a deliciously warm towel.  Here, the unique design of the Tangent Ladder L brings an ever-present charm, with its visual appeal as a standalone objet d'art, creating a soothing setting, treating mom to a nurturing time out. 3. Harmonious essence Harmony results from the combination of contrasts which together create a balanced whole. Symbolised perfectly by the juxtaposition of the gently sloping tubular bars set against a sleek, edgier geometric frame, the Jeeves Quadro range lends a distinctive sophistication to the room.  All mom has to do is savour the resulting tranquility born out of this yin and yang balance,  where each essential part contributes to the experience of a greater whole.  4. Focal point With its graceful, slender contours and captivating style, a handcrafted Jeeves heated towel rail naturally commandsClassic N28 attention in the room.  Whether it’s the sensuous curves of the Tangent M and Tangent W, whose visual appeal is only exceeded by their sublime heated towel offerings, or the impactful presence of the Classic N28, with tubular bars grouped to maximise heat distribution, these heated towel rails promise to leave an indelible impression, adding a feminine richness to bathroom time.  5. Colour When it comes to adding a feminine touch, colour certainly plays a central role.  And in this department, Jeeves leaves you spoilt for choice, ushering a new and exciting effect into the room.   While most of the Jeeves heated towel rails are available in a variety of colours, the choice of shade is particularly effective when it comes to certain designs. Take the  essentialism of the Spartan I which represents an abstraction of the heated towel rail:  presented in a polished finish, this breath-taking design has an effortless simplicity; however, add a new finish, such as the antique rose gold or the sunny yellow gold and you transform its character into an eye-catching artistic display. And, if you are wanting a bolder, more impactful version, this can be effectively achieved with the black matte finish or even the shade of white, infusing the feminine impact with a dramatic edge. For a more neutral colour, the matte brushed finish makes an ideal alternative, harnessing both the masculine and feminine to create a look which is equally at home in a variety of styles. 6. Timeless Elegance The stylish flair of a heated towel rail, permeates the room with a sense of indulgence which continues to delight, Spartan Boxbringing the dimension of luxury as you soak your worries away. Add to this the theme of simplicity encapsulated in the Spartan Box, and you have an elegant accessory with a sleek, uncluttered look, instilling an ambience which provides an ageless feminine charm. Here, the bathroom is established as an invigorating, blissful experience, topped by towels warmed up to perfection, with the clean lines of a heated towel rail announcing a sense of exclusivity. Wrapping up Using the heated towel rail to bring a feminine touch to the bathroom opens up a world of design possibilities.  And while so-called “feminine” and “masculine” décor may not necessarily be the exclusive domain of any particular gender, the heated towel rail certainly makes an ideal gift when it comes to spoiling mom for Mother’s Day.  Heralding the promise of decadently warm towels, it combines the “masculine” and “feminine” - treating mom to the best of both worlds.