About Hydronic Heating

Providing a grid-fed electricity free heating option

Our hydronic heated towel rails have been used extensively on central heating systems in the UK and Europe for almost two decades. Hydronic heated towel rails do away with electrical heating elements as they are designed to operate as part of a recirculating hot water system. A simple circulation pump (not supplied by Jeeves) can be used to circulate hot water from the geyser or solar storage tank to the stainless steel heated towel rail before re-entering the geyser or solar storage tank, to be recirculated. Hot water passes through all horizontal and vertical tubes providing warmth for effective towel drying.
It’s worth noting that solar generated hot water together with a wholly solar powered circulation pump allows for grid-fed electricity free heated towel rails!
Hydronic units are supplied with a pair of regulating valves to facilitate the connection between the chased pipe work and the heated towel rail, together with a pair of matching polished stainless steel pipe and wall covers for a pleasing, aesthetic finish.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV)

Whilst the operating temperatures of hydronic heated towel rails are determined by the temperature of the recirculating hot water system, TRVs are available to allow for specific temperature control in each room.

Dual Fuel Option

A dual fuel kit is the ideal accessory for hydronic heated towel rails which are linked to a water based underfloor heating system. The kit allows for an electrical element and hydronic valves to be connected to the heated towel rail, allowing you to heat the towel rail electrically while the underfloor heating system remains off (ideal for summer).