Adding an unexpected colour in a particular area of your bathroom is a great way to change things up.

Creating a colour accent in your bathroom is a great way to change things up while creating a harmonious scheme. Plus, you have the added benefit of extra impact and interest, giving your bathroom a shot of pizazz. A well-placed accent colour with a heated towel rail marries form and function – creating an aesthetic impact complemented by the welcoming warmth of a heated towel. 

We take a look at the top 5 trendy ways to create colour accents with bathroom rails for towels. 

1.  The Spacious Effect

bathroom colour accents

Easy on the eyes, the mirror-polished Classic Eight introduces a bright look to the room, expanding the space with a sense of airiness. With two sets of four horizontal bars grouped together to maximise surface area, you have the promise of soft, dry towels, guaranteed to transform the room into your private sanctuary of personalised pampering. This finish brings richness to the room, working especially well in the smaller-sized bathroom to create the illusion of a bigger area.   

Additionally, set against a neutral background, this pop of colour guarantees to enliven the bathroom with a fresh appeal while creating an inviting space of relaxation. 

2.  Coordinating Complementary Colours

Create Colour Accents in the Bathroom 

The matt brushed finish of the Spartan Boxx introduces an atmosphere of relaxation, creating a soothing space while effortlessly drawing attention to this dramatic artistic design. Set against a neutral background such as the soft off-white colour of the wall and the warmer colour of the wooden finishes bring different dimensions to the room, striking a balance between calm and character in a haven of warm and soft tones.   

The accented colour of the matt brushed finish introduces an inviting softness while the wood adds a distinctive air. Together with the neutral shade of the wall, these elements create a sense of timeless elegance, making the room more aesthetically appealing and inviting. The result is a soothing space with the added spoil of dry towels to complete your heavenly bathroom experience. 

3.  Harmonised Colour Combinations

Vibrant bathroom colour accents

Using an accent colour of white brings a refreshing impact to the room. This crisp finish allows you to experiment with different backgrounds such as this colour combination of white and green which draws attention with its clean and definitive look. The contrasting impact highlights the contours of the heated towel rail, bringing it into sharp relief as a delightful focal point against the green tiled background. This playful interaction adds personality to the space, allowing you to bring your individual stamp to the room. 

Emphasising the streamlined look of this uncluttered design, the white matt finish of the Spartan F sets up an engaging bathroom ambience, with the promise of toasty towels for a heavenly bathroom experience.

4.  Pampered Indulgence

Jeeves Spartan I - Antique Rose Gold - 5 Trendy Ways to Create Colour Accents in the Bathroom 

The charming accent colour of the antique rose gold finish is set to turn your bathroom into your own personal feel-good space. This luxe finish ushers in a tranquillity where time stands still, allowing you to sink into the ambience of effortless indulgence. Continuing this finish with colour bursts around the room further draws the eye, adding a sense of effortless visual flow and cohesion. Set against a dramatic background such as this chic modern monochromatic theme, the antique rose gold-tone stands out as the crowning glory of the room.  Here, the beauty of this finish on the Spartan I is further emphasised with its reflection in the mirror, adding an additional colour accent to the room. 

5.  A Standout Feature 

bathroom colours with accents

The matt black finish of theTangent L Heated Towel Rail creates a sophisticated style statement, accentuating the tapering outline of this eye-catching design. This creates a bold look, commanding attention while bringing a trendy look to the space.  

Bathroom elements centre around this towel rail, further reinforcing it as a standout element, drawing the eye towards this handcrafted design and announcing it as the focal point of the room.   

Punchy and powerful, this on-trend coloured accent elevates the heated towel rail as a design feature in its own right with its equally powerful pampering of perfectly heated towels.

Wrapping Up

While towel rails in bathrooms may be known for their luxurious touch, they are also an ideal way to bring accented colour to the bathroom. From serene and subtle to drama and fun, heated towel rail finishes are an ideal way to create an aesthetic impact with a breathtaking design element that allows you to amp up interest in the bathroom space while reflecting your unique personality at the same time.