While winter may mean mornings with frost covered grass and late afternoon low temperatures bringing the hint of the icy evening ahead, it also means snuggling into the sublime warmth of a toasty towel, courtesy of a Jeeves heated towel rail. So, whether you choose to start your day with an invigorating burst of warmth or end your day enveloped in the sheer delight of wonderful warm towel, with a heated towel rail, you are destined to melt away the winter blues. We take a look at 5 awesome ways to do just that! 1. Pampering essentials The deceptive simplicity of the Spartan I combines a minimalist aesthetic with a style that brings a sense of ease and calm to the room. With its clean, simplistic lines, this model brings an uncluttered feel, ideal for allowing you beginning your morning with a focus on essentials or for helping you to let go of your cares at the end of the day. Amongst its many charms, this beautifully crafted design marks a meeting place of function and form. Sleek lines add a visually inspiring impact while optimised temperature settings give you delightfully warmed up towels, transforming your bathroom into a private haven of pampering. 2. Showcasing Your Personality Your bathroom is an ideal area to explore your aesthetic taste, adding interesting and definitive elements which express your personal style. And as your own private space, you get to choose the designs to set the ambience you wish to experience. If you’re wanting a tranquil, spa-like appeal, then a design such as the Tangent M will usher in the serene appeal of this setting, complete with a horizontal bar for rolled up towels to round off this look. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are looking to present a more extrovert side of your personality, you may wish to indulge in the dazzling Quadro P. This baby is sure to do more than just catch attention. With the deliberate polarised opposites of the softer rounded horizontal bars set against the edgier geometrical frame, this model is ideal for expressing your trendy nature and passion for contemporary design. 3. Pairing up Whoever said things work better in pairs, must have had the Jeeves Classic H in mind. With 7 closely spaced horizontal bars to optimise heat density, this charming design is perfect for indulging in a yummy warm towel to crown your bathroom pampering. And as a pair, this is perfect way of spoiling both yourself and your loved one with the inviting promise of warmth, insulating you both against the cold outside. Additionally, doubling up makes the impact twice as powerful while adding a sense of symmetry to your bathroom space to bring a sense of harmony and order to the room. 4. Centre stage When it comes to creating a dramatic effect in your bathroom, we have the perfect solution for you. With a slender silhouette and tapering long lines, the Tangent Ladder L has a magnetic effect on the room. While presenting a disarmingly simple look, the potential convergence of the surrounding frame sets up a unique look, effortlessly drawing attention to this design. And if that’s not enough, this model provides the ideal storage space while giving you an endless supply of heavenly warmed up towels in the process. 5. Special Discount for July To bring the Jeeves experience just a little closer, we are spoiling you even further by extending the 20% off any heated towel rail until 31 July 2020. This includes delivering your choice of heated towel rail right to your door without any additional delivery costs, bringing the indulgence of dry warm towels closer to you. In this way, the idea of enveloping yourself in the delightful warmth of a heated towel is just a mere click away. Wrapping up While low temperatures are still around, especially in the mornings and evenings, you can meet this challenge with a trick or two of your own. It’s time to counteract the chills with the sheer pleasure of a deliciously cosy towel. This is the time when you transform your bathroom into an oasis of creature comforts and relaxation, inviting Jeeves to bring a touch of warmth to your winter.