Birds are twittering earlier. Lazy cats are stretching out in the warmth of the sun.  Blossoms are celebrating in a profusion of colour.  Best of all, days are getting longer. Spring is officially here! It’s the season which ushers in new beginnings, putting a fresh shine to everything,  And what better way to pay homage to the season of rebirth then by bringing a new look to your bathroom!  

  1. Here comes the sun
If you are looking to recreate the mesmerising effect of the golden glow of sunrise, then look no further than the Jeeves yellow gold finish.  Guaranteed to add a splash of sunshine, even on rainy days, this look is set to invigorate your morning routine with a burst of dazzling colour. And if you are wanting to maximise this effect, then adding this finish to the Jeeves Classic C heated towel rail will help you do just that.   Standing at just under a metre in height, this beauty provides a splendid display that brings a touch of delightful charm to the room.  With three sets of closely grouped horizontal bars maximising heat density, you get to enjoy clean, heavenly warmed up towels to start off your morning, or to wrap you in delightful warmth as you wind down at the end of each day.

  1. Mama Mia!
If you are inspired to create a dynamic impact in celebration of the new season, then the bold, exciting design of the Quadro Six is made just for you.  With the beguiling simplicity of its understated silhouette, this design unexpectedly captures your attention, drawing your eyes to the delightful interplay of soft, round curves of the horizontal bars set against a square geometric frame.  This contrast sets up a focal point in the room, creating a vibrant ambience with the promise of warmed up towels for a pampered bathroom experience.

  1. It’s got to be perfect
If you have a penchant for the best of both worlds -functionality and aesthetic impact, then the innovative, trendy Tangent L Ladder is right up your alley.  Providing the ultimate storage space, this design also just happens to heat your towels to the perfect temperature too.  It is no wonder that this Jeeves flagship model commands attention with its innovative design bringing an unparalleled sense of luxury and an on-point sophistication of bathroom indulgence.

  1. Can’t help falling in love  
If your leaning is more towards artistic expression, then you’ll find your perfect match with the timeless wonder of the Jeeves Spartan Boxx.  Unmistakably original, this captivating design elevates the bathroom into the décor arena of a fine art gallery. With balance and harmony achieved by the symmetrical bars at the top and bottom of a central horizonal line, the Spartan Boxx brings a feeling of completion to the room.  This translates into an atmosphere of tranquility, crowned with the refreshing luxury of a dry, heavenly toasty towels.

  1. Thriller
If you are wanting to make a bold statement which expresses your individuality, then the Jeeves Classic D is the perfect fit for your bathroom.  Weighing in at 1340mm in length, this design is sure to make your bathroom come alive while adding a touch of elegance to the surrounding space in the process. With optimised heating provided by 4 sets of closely grouped horizontal bars, this deluxe design is set to spoil you with a constant supply of deliciously baked towels while impacting the room with an unforgettable wow factor.

Wrapping up

There's something special about springtime. This is a time of renewal for the world outside as well as inside the home too.   And with the bathroom being one of the most frequently used areas, what better way to transform your space than by exploring new décor ideas in celebration of this season of blossoms. It is here where you get the opportunity to add a touch of indulgence to your day with a Jeeves heated towel rail - where luxury melts away the cold winter months into a soothing and relaxing experience of warmth.  From a choice of different finishes to designs which personalise the room, you can be certain of instant elegance and visual interest, creating a new look with added pampering to your bathroom time.