Spartan NineWhen it comes to the family bathroom, emphasis is on creating a room which is practical and versatile, something that can accommodate each person’s needs as much as possible, while adding a few choice items which bring a touch of pampering to the special people in your life. We take a look at the 5 ideal heated towel rails for the family bathroom. 1. Spartan Nine Stretching to an eye-catching 1365 x 520 mm, this heated towel rail is a statement piece for the bathroom, creating a vibrant visual impact through its length and captivating form. With nine regularly spaced horizontal bars, this minimalist design brings a sense of order and organisation, creating a decluttered environment while adding a touch of luxe to bathroom time. To top it off, this design ushers in a sense of tranquillity through its understated simplicity, while bringing a spacious feel to the room. 2. Tangent X If you are looking to transform your bathroom with a unique look, then the freestanding, floor mounted heated towel rail is the way to go. Belonging to the innovative Tangent range, this heated towel rail brings an unforgettable feel of ease and pampering, effortlessly drawing attention through its novel impact on the room. Best of all, while it’s warm enough to provide deliciously dry towels, it is not hot to the touch, making it safe for the whole family. 3. Quadro D Quadro DThis premium Quadro Range model is designed to be a showstopper. Its sheer length of 1340mm promises to turn heads, while its intricate design invites you to take a closer look. Boasting sets of handcrafted horizontal bars resulting in an alluring pattern, the Quadro D brings a distinctive style to the room. This design culminates in an interplay of rounded horizontal bars set against a geometric frame, to bring a contemporary feel to the room, elevating the bathroom experience from the regular every day to a dimension of indulgence and glamour. 4. Classic N28 The Classic N28 is the longest Jeeves Heated Towel Rail, standing at an impressive 1740mm. With groups of horizontal bars arranged in asymmetrical sets, this design reinterprets the heated towel rail, marrying function and form as a breathtaking element that delivers on its promise of delightfully warmed up towels. 5.  Tangent M Tangent MUshering in a spa-like feel, the Tangent M is designed to combine the serenity of a retreat with the indulgence of a vertical heated towel rail, with readily available heated towels for the younger members of the family. With a horizontal shelf providing an ideal storage area, this design is perfect for accommodating extra rolled up towels – bringing you a continuous supply of wonderfully dry towels – a must for any busy bathroom. This premium Classic Range model with groups of closely spaced bars for increased surface area and heat density will not only dry towels, but gently warm them too, adding a sumptuous essence to the bathroom experience. Wrapping up The heated towel rail adds a touch of luxury, transforming the family bathroom from a busy space into a soothing and refreshing experience. And in our demanding lives, it is important to create a haven where each member of the family can feel nurtured - an inviting space that the whole family can enjoy, positively impacting on their day and enhancing their lives in the process.