When it comes to creating a luxurious bathroom ambience, you need not be limited by the size of your bathroom. In fact, a small bathroom can provide the perfect canvass to create your own private sanctuary as follows: 1. Aesthetic effect When it comes to statement value, the glass mounted Jeeves Spartan F puts the small bathroom in a class of its own. With an arresting design which draws the eye to its position in the room and the pampering convenience of warmed up towels giving you a taste of heaven, the small bathroom becomes a unique, unforgettable bathroom experience. And as if that’s not enough, there’s the added benefit of doubling the functionality of the glass door, saving space while providing a glamourous storage solution at the same time. C'est magnifique! 2. Sumptuous Storage Chic. Compact. Stylish. That just about sums up the innovative luxurious Tangent M Shelf Heated Towel Rail, transforming your bathroom into your own private spa. Take the opportunity to explore your inner artist, creating a ‘mix and match’ effect with rolled up towels on the shelf juxtaposed with a towel over the vertical rail below, adding the dimension of texture to your pampering experience. 3. Rewarding Relaxation Sufficiently compact to fit perfectly in a small bathroom, the elegant Jeeves Classic H Heated Towel Rail is large enough to accommodate a bath sheet. Available either in a straight or slightly curved options, the Classic H brings a soft, serene effect to define the space as a place of relaxation. 4. Perfect Pampering Convenience with a capital “C” – the swivelling action of the Tangent W gives you a heated towel rail which doubles up for both your shower/bath and basin area. With three curved extensions, creating a visually mesmerising flow and mirroring the sides of the letter “W”, this Jeeves design takes the area from small bathroom to serene sanctuary, bringing the indulgent luxury of dry warm towels to crown your bathroom pampering. 5. Sense of Style With a minimalist silhouette, the Jeeves Quadro Six Heated Towel rail represents an aesthetic effect of design simplicity. Added to this is an essential contemporary feel where rounded tubular bars meet an angular frame to create a striking contrast with a definitive modern edge. Providing ample space to hang your towels, this design presents a structured rhythm of evenly positioned horizontal bars, ushering a sense of sophistication to elevate your bathroom into a sensuous symphony of calm, colour and style. Wrapping it up With a choice of design options, the heated towel rail opens up the small bathroom into a vista of exciting décor possibilities. This is where you create your own private retreat; where pampering inspires a mood of tranquillity – a place of quiet calm where you get to relax your body and ease your mind at the end of each day.