Let’s talk about bathroom luxury: a feel of indulgent relaxation, bringing an inviting serenity as you slowly soak away the cares of the day. This is a place where tantalising toasty towels wait patiently to crown your heavenly bath time experience as the chic outline of your heated towel rail lazily draws your eye along its contoured frame. This is your haven where sophistication and serenity gently permeate the bathroom with a peaceful grace. Sounds too good to be true? Well then look no further as Jeeves shares the 5 top tips to bring this experience of luxury to your bathroom. 1. Room for a view Spaciousness is a key ingredient of a luxe bathroom. And while bathroom dimensions can make a difference, this element can be successfully achieved with a minimalist look such as that afforded by the glass-mounted Spartan F. With single bars set apart from one another, this streamlined design opens up the bathroom space while providing a glamourous storage solution at the same time. The glass mounted option perfectly integrates with other elements, creating a clutter free space which combines form and function: a breath-taking visual display while providing the sumptuous delights of a heated towel rail. 2. Heavenly Indulgence What could be more luxurious than your own personal heated towel rail, always standing at attention, providing service 24/7/365! This is the Tangent X, your own private butler in the bathroom. Creating an opulent visual impact in the room, this free-standing design is set to effortlessly draw attention with its even numbered horizontal bars bringing a harmonious symmetry to the bathroom space. And just in case you want to up the ante when it comes to bathroom pampering, this baby treats you to that extra touch of indulgence with a constant supply of dry, cosy towels together with its captivating design that is oh-so-easy on the eye. 3. Spa Tranquility The spa theme is a definite choice when it comes to bathroom luxury. And what better way to create this look than with the Tangent W! This heated towel rail is just made for the requisite rolled up towels to give that extra spoil after washing your hands. Oh yes, this little charmer is set to bring the sweet serenity of relaxation to every bath time experience. 4. Personalising your space Nothing says luxury like bringing your creative personal touch to claim the bathroom as your very own oasis of tranquility. The Jeeves Spartan Boxx allows you to do just that. Elegantly spaced bars contained in a solid frame bring a unified look to the room, while allowing you to demonstrate your artistic flair, making a bold statement with an equally bold design. Of course, the delightful decadence of dry warm towels just adds that extra touch of dazzle, bringing an unforgettable luxurious experience to your bathroom space. 5. An On Trend Look When it comes to sophistication and style look no further than the Quadro P: modern, mesmerising with just the right amount of edginess, this heated towel rail is set to bring a whole new experience. Destined to be the star of the show, with great visual appeal combined with the promise of soft warmed up towels – this beauty transforms time out into a luxury getaway of blissful pampering and relaxation. Wrapping up Bathroom luxury is all about adding that special touch. Be it your own personal stamp, a modern edginess or sheer indulgent additions like the heated towel rail, this is where bathroom pampering really comes into its own, transforming your time out. There’s nothing like creating a taste of paradise with your own personal sublime space of pampering and bubbles. Whether this is a place to rejuvenate for the day ahead or to unwind with the setting sun – it’s time to take your bathroom experience to the next level.