The bathroom. It’s your happy place. The space where you get to say goodbye to all the cares of the world: just the indulgent luxury of putting everything on pause for a while. And because this is so special, you deserve to make it your very own, bringing in your personal touch to create a gorgeous bathroom with a one-of-a-kind look and distinctive character. We understand how important this is to you, so we thought we’d start the ball rolling with 5 ideas on how to create character in the bathroom: 1. A playful surprise Just because your bathroom has a sophisticated edge, doesn’t mean you can’t infuse the space with a sense of playfulness too. Take the Tangent Ladder L - a sleek, cutting edge design which reinterprets the practical everyday ladder. As a streamlined silhouette in the form of a heated towel, the regular ladder is transformed into objet d’art while adding a surprising sense of fun to the bathroom space. Add to this the incomparable delight of heavenly hot towels and you have the makings of a sublime time out experience in your own exclusive haven. 2. On point style Spartan Boxx_Electric Walls offer the perfect space to create a trendsetting look, using the area to hang art that expresses your personal creativity while making an indelible impression in the room. And when it comes to doing just that, look no further than the singular Spartan Boxx. With its distinctive appearance as a unique artwork, this showpiece exudes a chic, on trend style with high visual impact. And while we’re on the subject of impact (visual or otherwise), let’s not forget the glorious effect of the welcome warmth of a snug towel, completing your experience with an unforgettable indulgence that will remain with you long after bath time is over. 3. Effortless tranquility If you are partial to a space of quiet serenity, then the calming minimalist aesthetic of the Spartan I is just for you. Beautiful simplistic lines which are pleasing to the eye create a design which elevates the bathroom interior to a place of peace, pervading the area with a sense of gentle relaxation. Despite its quiet elegance, this design has a surprising striking essence, accompanied by impressive towel heating capacity. The result is an uncluttered space where you get to unwind before sleep or start off your day with a clean slate, together with the pleasure of softly warmed up towels. 4. Go large There is nothing in the décor rulebook to say that you can’t combine a luxe look with a statement making piece. This is true, especially if you are talking about the Classic D, a sumptuous, eye-catching design which transforms the bathroom into an enticing, vibrant space. Standing at 1340 mm, this beauty lends a bold, luxurious feel to the room, creating a focal point that naturally draws attention to itself, while effortlessly asserting its presence in the bathroom space. Amongst its other charms, this heated towel rail brings a sense of vibrancy, together with the added promise of indulgent dry, toasty towels, bringing an experience that is as rich in character as it is in indulgence. 5. Out of the ordinary There are those designs that are staid, expected, and unsurprising. And then there’s the Quadro P, a heated towel rail that melds the world of modern design with reference to classic elements. Here, the edginess of angular, square components meets softer, rounder sections, producing a compelling contemporary effect that draws you closer into the bathroom space. Bringing a touch of ‘wow’, this design makes an evocative statement with a luxurious look which is at once exciting and interesting, creating a dynamic character with the promise of being spoiled with the undisputed luxury of a deliciously warm towel. Wrapping up Character is something special - an almost indefinable aspect that redefines your bathroom experience, creating a magical place where the troubles of the world melt away in a delightful puff of steam. This is the beauty of the bathroom as a private getaway which uplifts your spirits. Bringing character into the equation helps to make it a place of indulgence, pampered by the gentle sounds of running water and the soothing sights of visual inspiration. This is where you get to make your personal stamp on your bathroom space, transforming it from a place of routine and rushed moments into an idyllic island of blissful relaxation.