From luxuriating in the welcoming warmth of a bath at the end of a day to setting the scene as an oasis of relation, the bathroom is a room with endless possibilities. In fact, this is a place of great inspiration; your own personal canvas if you will - somewhere where you get to create a magnetic dream space - that wow effect that transforms your bathroom into an unforgettable experience. And because Jeeves is always there to lend a helping hand, here are our top 5 ideas to get you started on creating a place that not only brings a smile to your face but also creates a jaw dropping effect at the same time. 1. Born to impact create a statement in your bathroomSay goodbye to the mundane regular ladder and hello to an innovative reimagined version in the form of the Tangent L ladder Heated Towel Rail. We’re talking trendsetting design, which effortlessly draws attention to its sleek tapering silhouette. Add to these charms 5 horizontal bars, and you have the makings of a perfect storage opportunity with the added bonus of a great look and a continuous supply of heavenly heated towels. 2. Opposites attract Born to make an impact, the Quadro D presents a dynamic tension between the edgier modern effect of squared off borders flirting with the softer look of rounded groups of the horizontal bars on the inside. The result is a yin-yang display of two contrasting effects, which together bring a harmonious essence to the space, setting up an interesting tension- and-resolution scenario which brings an enticing ambience to the bathroom space. 3. Personalise your space standing towel railBringing exclusivity to your bathroom by creating a special haven - your own private getaway as it were - is an appealing thought which can get you through the most challenging of days. And with its unique showstopping appeal, the freestanding floor mounted Tangent X certainly fits this bill. With its graceful air of pampering, this heated towel rail brings a 3-dimensional effect, allowing you to savour the sublime enjoyment of its perfectly heated towels from either side of the room. Add to this the minimalist simplicity of well space horizontal bars, and you have a heated towel rail which enables you to bring your own personal stamp to your bathroom space. 4. A work of art When it comes to making a design statement, look no further than the Spartan Boxx. This eye-catching compact design turns the regular heated towel rail on its head, easily drawing the eye to create an interesting focal point in the bathroom. With its solid border forming an intrinsic part of the design, this creates a seamless look with no beginning or end, establishing a distinctive ambience and breathtaking visual impression. Add to this warmed up towels and you have the makings of an unforgettable bathroom experience. 5. Colour your world wall-mounted towel railIntroducing a pop of colour allows you to introduce different moods into the bathroom, changing your experience of the space. Bringing a bright hue such as the antique rose gold of the Classic E is sure to elicit ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ of appreciation for its warm, inviting atmosphere, perfect for warding off the winter blues. This rich accent colour sets the tone for a captivating and indulgent bathroom experience. You can also swap this out and opt for the Classic E in a chic, modern look of a pop of black to create an on point visual display, bringing a sophisticated elegance to the room. Introducing either of these colours will create an enticing space, boasting both aesthetic delights and the pleasing experience of a constant supply of toasty towels. Wrapping up The age of self-care has brought the bathroom centre stage and with it an opportunity to explore many decor options. This is the time to create a nurturing space that reflects your personality, allowing the bathroom to come into its own as an impactful design space. It is here where you get to experiment, bringing your ideas to life, transforming the bathroom into a cherished space - a space which plays a significant role in your everyday life while making a striking statement in the process.