It is hard to believe that another year is coming to an end. While this year has been extremely challenging, redefining the world as we know it, it is comforting to know that there’s a period of rest ahead, as the days roll on closer to the Festive Season. With social distancing and wanting to remain safe, many people will be spending time at home, providing the perfect opportunity to transform your home into your own private getaway. And what better way to do this than to add a touch of affordable luxury to your bathroom experience- creating the ultimate space to unwind as you drift off into a well-deserved time of relaxation and pampering. And if you’re wondering just where to start, here’s 5 ways to bring a world of carefree indulgence to you and your family this Festive Season, courtesy of Jeeves Heated Towel Rails. Classic N28 Cooling down with a swim in the hot days of summer means you will need a heated towel rail that not only looks good, but that can effectively provide the perfect crisp dry towels for you and your family throughout summertime and beyond. This calls for the stylish Classic N28, which allows you to enjoy up to 4 heated towels at a time, perfect for pampering yourself and your family. Standing at an impressive 1740mm, this is the tallest model of the Jeeves selection of heated towel rails, bringing a majestic air to your bathroom space. And while this means an effortless supply of dry towels, this baby also makes a bold statement in the room, bringing a majestic essence to your bathroom experience. Spartan Nine Go big or go home - that is the motto of the Jeeves Spartan Nine, especially when it comes to adding that extra touch of indulgence for you and your family Bringing an uncluttered feel to the room, this breathtaking handcrafted model adds an understated sophistication which is set to take your bathroom pampering up a notch or two. In fact, forget about the heat outside, when it comes to this on point design, this baby is in a league of its own, bringing a spectacular sizzle to your bathroom experience. With clean lines ushering in an effortless spaciousness to the room, your bathroom is set to provide a sublime experience of effortless indulgence. Quadro Six If you are wanting to create a special haven which redefines luxury, look no further than Quadro Six - the heated towel rail which mixes a minimalist style with a distinctly modern edge. Drawing on the simplicity of minimalism this cutting edge design reinterprets the concept of less is more, with its geometric frame emphasized by its gently rounded inner bars, bringing a definitive contemporary feel to complete this look. This statement piece brings a captivating look, adding a decadent sense of indulgence to the bathroom space with the combination of graceful curves set against a squared off frame. Tangent Ladder L Add a luxe touch with a festive feel to your bathroom space by opting for the rose gold finish of the Jeeves Ladder L. The warmth of this color ushers in the cheerfulness of the holiday season, evoking a welcoming space which invites you or your family to let go of the cares of the world outside. With a harmonious balance of function and form, this enthralling piece of décor provides a perfect place for storage while offering up heavenly heated towels in the process. This is topped by a show stopping aesthetic design, bringing a visually pleasing tour de force to your bath time. Spartan F The glass mounted Spartan F brings an undeniable wow factor to the bathroom space. Mounted on the outside of the shower door means you get to enjoy the aesthetic impact of this model from different sides of the room, presenting a décor piece which can function three dimensionally. This innovative design brings the personal touch to the room, allowing you to permeate the space with your own individual stamp. The result is a majestic sense of luxury, infusing the bathroom with sophistication while you enjoy the delights of warm, dry towels right at your fingertips. Wrapping it up As the days roll on towards the end of the year, there is the sweet anticipation of the Holidays ahead - a time to unwind as you drift off into well-deserved moments of relaxation and pampering. This is the season for pampering and savouring time out And when it comes to enjoying a pampered lifestyle, there’s nothing like the special touch Jeeves, immersing you in the promise of crisp, dry towels - allowing you to spoil yourself and your family over the Festive season and throughout the rest of the year too.