introWhen it come to your bathroom mirror, you will need to consider its role - is it for ornamental, aesthetic purposes which adds to the overall look of the bathroom? Or is it for practical purposes such as applying makeup or shaving.  This will impact on your choice of the frame, lighting as well as the size and shape of your mirror.

Besides playing a necessary role in grooming, a bathroom mirror can be used creatively to enhance your bathroom décor and contribute to giving the space a charismatic style effect.  Here are our top 8 dazzling tips to bring to do just that:

Light it up

LED lighting can be used effectively around a mirror, creating a soft glow which draws attention to the area while providing ambient lighting in your bathroom.  All you then need to do is fill up your bathtub with warm water and bubbles, turn off the main lights and enjoy the relaxing effect of the soft mirror light. 

Wall Art

white bathroomBring character to your bathroom wall by creating a gallery of different mirrors, grouping them together to create an area which dazzles and adds light and interest to the room.


Before hammering into the wall and re-hanging the different shaped mirrors, trace each mirror shape onto a piece of blank paper.  Cut out the paper and attached it to your chosen wall with press stick or painter's tape to try out different grouping combinations and placements.  This will allow you to experiment and find the pattern you like best without damaging your wall.

Balancing act

Sconce lighting placed on either side of the bathroom mirror, provides ample illumination which is especially helpful for tasks like grooming.  When it comes to positioning sconce lighting for the two mirrors, you can either have a light on the border of each mirror (with a total of 4 sconce lights) or you can even create a symmetrical effect, using one central light between the two mirrors, balanced by a light on the outer side of each mirror, (giving you a total of 3 sconce lights).

Just the two of us

Bathroom sink consoles modern styleBathroom mirrors are ideal for a his and her bathroom, helping to demarcate the different areas.  Think in terms of symmetry, aligning the same mirrors with the same basins, either next to each other or even opposite each other at separate vanities.

Light it up

Mirrors can be used to add to the bathroom illumination and while bringing an experience of depth in the space.  This can be achieved by placing pendant lights in front of a mirror so that the mirror reflects the lights, augmenting the impact of the illumination in the bathroom while simultaneously bringing an essence of glamour to your room.

Focal points

If you are looking to liven up your bathroom or create a dramatic impact, then a mirror can be used to achieve this effect, either through its shape, size or its border. This can be used to highlight a section, drawing attention to a particular area or the room or you can position your mirror strategically so that it reflects a particular colour or area in your bathroom.


Furniture in classic blue bathroomFrames help to set the bathroom tone. Using a solid frame in a contrasting colour draws attention to the mirror area while bringing an elegance and sophistication to the bathroom experience.  Other materials such as a crisp, white frame can help to give the bathroom a fresh feel, while outlining your mirror in the same material as the vanity creates a sleek impression which further draws attention to the area.

For an informal, more playful look, you may want to explore other materials such as wood or even a rope to create a nautical bathroom theme.

A touch of glamour

A framed lean-to mirror adds a striking effect.  As a standalone option, it also provides an ideal solution if you have space constraints above your basin area while adding a unique touch to your bathroom style.

The bathroom mirror is an accessory which can bring an added dimension to your bathroom experience, brightening the space and reinforcing your design theme.  Exploring this introduces many design options, providing endless opportunities to add that extra something to your bathroom, giving you the chance to express yourself and bring your own personal stamp to your bathroom space.