interior of modern bathroomCreating a space for a guest bathroom which can either be used by guests or as an additional bathroom in the home, opens up a world of décor possibilities.

Although this bathroom may vary in size from bare essentials (loo + basin) or it may exist as another complete bathroom in the home, the space can be transformed into an inviting area for both guests and your family to enjoy.

Here are 9 inspirational ideas to creating an inviting guest bathroom:

Creating a feeling of space

As this is often a smaller room in the home, design ideas can be used to create a sense of a larger space.  Wall hung fixtures such as your vanity and toilet make a room feel more spacious.  Additional ways of creating a sense of space can be achieved by including reflective surfaces such as a large mirror and glossy finishes to reflect both the natural and electric light, opening up the room to give your space a larger look and feel.

Additional touches

Replace hand towels with single smaller towels which can be used individually by each guest. This hygienic option gives a sense of pampering, enhancing your guest’s bathroom experience. Include a wicker basket which can be serve as a laundry container for the used towels while also adding charm to the room.


A soap dispenser is ideal in a bathroom which is going to be used by different people, providing a ‘no mess, no fuss’ alternative to hand soap.  Select a container Sinkwhich also adds a decorative touch to the room.  To give your guest an extra sense of indulgence, include a delightfully fragrant hand lotion in a matching container.

Freshen it up

Clear surfaces, creating an uncluttered, clean space, only keeping essential items and décor elements above the counter.

Using light colours will add to your bathroom’s fresh feel with an added touch of wooden accents to bring warmth to the room.

Luxurious touches

His and Her SinksBring additional cosiness with fluffy towels and bathrobe together with soft, chunky mats in strategic areas such as the floor by the basin, bath and shower to usher in a sense of indulgence and warmth to the room.

Go bold

Create depth and contrast by bringing colour accents to the room.  This can be achieved by a splashback wall wrap-around which accentuates the basin area, or using mosaic tiling to create a feature wall as a backdrop to your bath or shower.

Heated Towel Rail

For added indulgence, keep your supply of guest towels fresh andJeeves Classic K warm with a heated towel rail to introduce both form and function to your bathroom, providing an ideal solution to keeping the room streamlined and uncluttered while adding a chic design effect to the space.

A heated rail like the Jeeves Tangent W800 is ideal for saving space while bringing a novel appeal, giving your style a distinctive edge.


Round off the room with beautiful floor and wall tiling to give the space a sophisticated feel while bringing a sense of luxury to your room.  Create a feel of elegance with a marble countertop continued in recessed basins to maximise countertop space.

Additional finishes include your floor and wall tiles which make the room easy to maintain, while completing the design look, and can even be used as visual cues which lead the eye to a focal point in the room.

Crowning glory

Depending on space constraints you may want to include a walk inModern bathroom shower and standalone bath.  Space can also be maximised using corner baths and shower.  Including a wooden stool next to your shower is ideal for toiletries while adding an extra source of interest to the room.  Toiletries can also be accommodated with an additional ledge or recess next to the bath, creating a streamlined feel while also bringing a decorative dimension to the area.

A guest bathroom offers a canvass to create an ideal additional area either for your guests or as an extra bathroom where you can create a warm, welcoming space which enhances the experience of your family and guests in your home.