Although we are passionate about everything and anything when it comes to hotel bathroomthe bathroom, we have an understandably soft spot for the bathroom towel.  This versatile design element can bring texture as well as colour to a bathroom.  Additionally, it can be used as a decorative item, adding charm, elegance and reinforcing the bathroom style.

Towels can be used in many different ways.  Here are 7 bathroom towel decorating ideas to get you started:

Towel Storage

Towel storage can be used decoratively, introducing containers like wicker baskets which give the room a relaxed look.  Baskets can be place under wall hung vanities and basins or even next to a standalone bath or a vanity which rests on the floor.

For a more formal look you can use structured baskets or containers for your towels. Towels can be folded or rolled and arranged neatly in the container.

Heated Towel Rail

The novelty of the heated towel rail adds a modern elegance to a bathroom while spoiling you with crisp, warm towels.  The towel rail makes a perfect place to hang bath towels, providing a storage option while giving an opportunity to display a beautifully patterned or even monogrammed towel.

Open cabinet or vanity space

interior of modern bathroomDepending on the vanity design and the decorative ornaments or accessories used, an open spaced vanity can either create a wide range of looks from a sophisticated spa-life feel or a more relaxed setting.

When it comes to storage in the open spaced vanity, display only those items which are going to add to the decorative effect of the bathroom, keeping the space uncluttered.

Towels can be stacked according to size from largest to smallest.  Using bright or rich tones will draw attention to the area and add to the interest of the room.

Small hand towels can be individually wrapped and placed in a wicker basket on the workspace of the vanity.  These towels can also be piled attractively directly onto the counter.  Either way they are welcomed by guests who enjoy the luxury of a clean, unused towel which they can toss into another basket positioned underneath or to the side of the vanity.

Recessed Cupboard Spaces

Master bath in luxury homeSpaces which are built into a wall avail themselves to artistic indulgence.  These areas can be used for a wide variety of decorative elements from pictures and shells, to different patterned towels of graded tones which are either rolled up individually or folded neatly.  Small hand towels can even be artistically positioned so that they drape over a container.

Freestanding furniture

Using an occasional chair as a means of storing folded towels adds a distinct touch to the room.  The style of the chair can be used to underpin the room style, while the towels can be an assortment of different matching colours, some with patterns, some without, giving a country feel.

Soft fluffy white towels create an inviting look with a spa-like luxury adding dimensions of texture and colour.

Freestanding bathtubs

3d illustration of lightweight minimalist interior of a modern bTowels can be draped over a freestanding bath, again creating a spa-like effect.  Brightly coloured towels towel can be used to further draw attention to the bath area, reinforcing this bath ware as a focal point in the room.

Freestanding baths can also have a rail as an all-on-one unit which allows a towel to be hung over the rail, where the towel can reinforce the area as a central point.


Creating a shelf above the vanity, maximises the unused space in that area, while providing an additional place for a towel which is within easy reach and can also add to the overall style of the room.

Other freestanding shelves in the bathroom can hold towels folded in different ways, depending on the size of the towel and or shelf.  This will add additional interest to this storage option which also facilitates creativity, allowing an exploration of different decor elements.

As you can see the towel provides a myriad of design opportunities, opening up a different dimension in the bathroom.  By using its features of colour, texture and design, towels can be used as a key style element which add a distinctive touch while enhancing the overall bathroom experience.