It’s time for sumptuous carpets of bright orange and deep red leaves rivaling the resplendent pinks of the setting sun. As summer melts into autumn, days become shorter while trees transform into golden brown hues. This time heralds’ new opportunities to transform the bathroom into a private, cozy sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation, crowned by the delights of a heated towel rail. In celebration of this new season of warm days and crisp, early mornings, we take a look at the heated towel rail favourites for autumn. 1. The heat is on Bring a touch of soothing warmth to your morning or evening bathtime with the heartstopping Spartan Boxx. With a novel framed design made to create an indelible impression, this baby is sure to take the room temperature up a notch or two. Adding a majestic touch and artistic flair to the room, this model is a natural focal point, drawing attention to its novel design. To top it off, well-spaced horizontal bars add a luxurious sense of spaciousness while providing ample space, treating you towels warmed up to heavenly perfection. 2. Luxurious pampering Just imagine stepping out from your hot bath or shower and into the welcoming soft folds of a fluffy toasty towel. This is the delightful world of the Tangent X, your own personal butler, with a sublime supply of dry towels heated to an ideal temperature. And just in case this pampering isn’t enough, this innovative design ushers in an effortless sophistication while transforming your bathroom time into a space of decadent relaxation which leaves you inspired and refreshed. 3. Breathtaking visual indulgence If you are looking to create a wow-effect in your bathroom, look no further than a heated towel from the chic Quadro range. With an emphasis on a sleek, streamlined effect, the Quadro range brings a vibrancy to the bathroom with its exciting design. This range tends towards a minimalist style with its smooth sculptural lines and clean design. The result is an uncluttered look which introduces a contemporary style with curved inner bars contrasted against the geometric, square frame, creating an ideal surface to treat you to the delights of a heated towel 24/7/365. 4. The perfect time out Adding the curved Classic E to your bathroom brings a soft ambience, transforming your bathroom into a private retreat - a serene space to unwind or prepare you for the busy day ahead. With groups of closely spaced bars for increased surface area and heat density, you are guaranteed to enjoy the incomparable pampering of dry, warm towels with the added charm of visual interest of the 3-D effect of the design. Additionally, this beauty has a compact size, with a height of 790 mm and a choice of widths of 400, 520 or 620mm, making this model a perfect addition for a small bathroom or even to double up in a larger bathroom space to usher in the order and harmony associated with symmetry. 5. Grab attention The Classic N28 is ideal for the trendy family bathroom or for making a big splash in the en suite bathroom too. With a length of 1740mm and a choice of widths of 400, 520 and 620, this baby is set to steal the show in terms of size and aesthetic appeal. Add to this a finish in antique rose gold and you have a heated towel rail which celebrates the beautiful autumnal colours while bringing the indulgent spoiling of superbly heated towels. Wrapping up There’s something special about autumn, moving on from summer in a colourful blaze of glory. And while this change in season may bring a change in temperature, it also brings the delights of the creature comforts which transform your bath time into a haven of warmth. Yes, evenings and early mornings may be getting colder, however with these autumn heated towel rail faves, you can rest assured that while it may be getting a little chilly out there, you can count on Jeeves to help turn up the heat inside.