This month of April celebrates the 25th anniversary - a special time in the Jeeves Heated Towel rail history. The Jeeves trademark of innovation and cutting edge design started all the way back in 1995, when Jeeves launched the Model A, the first Jeeves heated towel rail which was regarded as quite the design of the time, establishing the enduring Jeeves’ legacy for supplying homes with a trendsetting, sophisticated design and a pampering touch. Bearing the Jeeves trademark of craftsmanship and excellence which combines embellishment with a minimalist edge, the Model A is still available in the UK and by request in South Africa. Developing into an iconic brand Over the years, Jeeves has been a trailblazer in creating heated towel rails, refining the designs and optimising the function, expanding their offering in line with modern trends. In turn, this is complemented by the exacting standards carried through into every aspect of the creation and manufacturing process, from using 100% stainless steel to the eco-friendly Hydronic installation option where towel rails are heated via the homes’ recirculating hot water system. Jeeves has also focused on providing economical models, where the heating cost is similar to that of a standard light bulb, making it a unique luxury that you can afford. The result is an in-demand selection of heated towel rails, which bring a personal stamp to the bathroom with a pampering edge. We take a look at the top 5 designs which mark the illustrious journey of this iconic South African brand. Spartan I Leveraging the minimalist trend, Jeeves set out to create an abstraction of the heated towel rail with the simple, compact design of the Spartan I, capturing the essence of the heated towel. The result is an uncluttered, minimalist effect which brings a sense of ease and tranquility into the bathroom space with 4 horizontal bars, spaciously positioned between two strong vertical frames. This contributes to the aesthetics of the room, ushering in a sense of timelessness and deep relaxation, taking you far away from the cares of the world. Tangent L Jeeves transformed the concept of the heated towel rail with the design of the Tangent L ladder rail. Mirroring an object that is part and parcel of our everyday lives, Jeeves refined the concept of the regular ladder, elevating it more than a notch or two to create an unforgettable design by elevating it into an objet d’art. While the Tangent L is available in a choice of finishes from antique rose, polished stainless steel, yellow gold, white, and matte brushed, this model is particularly impactful in a black finish, bringing a sophisticated, dramatic edge to the bathroom. Quadro P The design of the Quadro P inverts the concept of symmetry – using 3 groups of 4 horizontal bars to create a breath-taking design that commands attention in the bathroom space. Bracketed in a square frame which is juxtaposed against the softer rounded design of the horizontal tubular bars, the Quadro P redefines bathroom area to bring a vibrant ambience which reflects a chic sophisticated style. This is a perfect union of form and function, crowned by perfectly warmed up towels, bringing you the ultimate in bathroom pampering Classic N28 Standing at just under 2 metres, the Jeeves Classic N28 is the heated towel rail of choice for anyone whose bath time is an essential part of their downtime. With a majestic length of 1 740mm, this beauty is undoubtedly the focal point of the room, with 4 sets of generously grouped horizontal bars providing adequate space for an endless supply of deliciously warmed up towels. While this heated towel rail is perfect for the master bathroom as a mesmerising focal point, it is also at home in the family bathroom space, providing a much-needed storage area while spoiling all family members with toasty towels. Bordered on either side with a group of irregular numbered horizontal bars - the mirrored symmetrical bars of the central groups bring a sense of completion, while following through on its promise of indulgence, courtesy of its endless supply of heated towels. Tangent X As a brand that is ceaselessly innovating, Jeeves continuously expands the possibilities of both design and function. This ethos has culminated in the Tangent X – the latest heated towel rail offering which pushes the envelope of pampered experience and design excellence. The Tangent X creates a captivating statement as a free standing, floor-mounted heated towel rail that adds a wow factor to the bathroom experience. As your own private butler, the Tangent X stands effortlessly at attention, bringing a fresh supply of delightfully warm towels, while transforming the bathroom into a unique space of aesthetic pleasure and pampering. Wrapping up The last 25 years have seen the Jeeves’ versatility translated into a choice of innovative options, establishing the heated towel rail manufacturer as a well-loved iconic brand, in South Africa as well as across Europe and America. In turn Jeeves has become the leading manufacturer of 100% stainless steel heated towel rails, known for the sense of caring at the heart of the brand – for the Jeeves team, the environment and the unforgettable experience of indulgence which finds its way into countless of bathrooms, both locally and throughout the world.