DVtub-lgeWe’re going to let you into our little secret – in addition to Jeeves’ comprehensive range of heated towel rails, we offer a customisation option too, creating modifications according to your design requirements. Of course, you may say that we’re a pushover when it comes to anything heated towel related :).  That may be true, but then again, our key objective is to create a design that compliments your décor while enhancing your lifestyle.

 One of the frequently requested customisations is the modification of the Jeeves Classic N28, by adding floor and ceiling extensions in line with a designer’s specifications.  Standing at an impressive height of 1740 metres, this elegantly contoured heated towel rail combines aesthetic appeal with a striking dramatic statement.  But don’t let the height fool you!  One of the many charms of this modified N28 is its ability to complement the surrounding décor. This is facilitated by a design simplicity, enabling this model to simultaneously attract attention while effortlessly fitting into an overall bathroom theme.

We take a closer look at the elements of this customised design and it unique contribution to the enjoyment of the overall bathroom experience.

1.  Bathroom theme and style

Equally at home in a sleek, modern apartment or a more traditional styled setting, this variation on the Classic N28 can be positioned as an objet d’artre,  bringing a spectacular arresting  sophistication to the bathroom space.

The versatility of the design makes it suitable for many different styles along the décor spectrum.  From modern, minimalist, traditional and anything in between, this customised design is not bound by a particular style, allowing it to blend with a variety of themes.

2.  Design

Jeeves Floor to Ceiling 3 (002)In keeping with the Classic Range, this customised design has groups of tubular bars on the towel rack which are both decorative and functional, adding to the overall sophisticated style, with bars positioned in a group format to increase heat density.  As a rule of thumb, one group of bars represents enough space for one bath towel.

Proudly South African, the N28, as with all Jeeves heated towel rails, is composed of 100 % stainless steel and handcrafted in accordance with exacting international standards.

3.  Organisation and Space

Stretching from floor to ceiling, this classically shaped towel rail gives a feeling of continuity, drawing the eye from the floor upwards, creating the perception of greater depth and height in the room.  Its streamlined design adds to the space, maximising the floor area, while creating a pleasing, minimalist effect.

Whether your bathroom is being used by family members, guests or just the two of you, this heated towel rail provides an ideal way to create a neat, organised look, softened by the towels draped over the bars at set intervals.  This in turn frees up much needed storage space, providing an alternative area for your towels, keeping your bathroom uncluttered and adding further to the ambiance of quiet relaxation

4.  Energy efficiency and environmentally friendly

This Classic N28 offers two energy efficient towel rail heating options: electric units with intelligent Automatic Heating Technology (AHT) and the eco-friendly hydronic heating installation option where towel rails are heated via the homes' recirculating hot water system.

Despite the height of the N28 (customised and regular), electrical efficiency is facilitated by the Jeeves patented Automated Heating Technology (ATH) which means that each towel rail is fitted with a unique self-regulating thermostat and thermal security fuse. The thermostat automatically achieves and controls the optimum operating temperature of the heated towel rail, while the security fuse acts as an additional safeguard against overheating. This acts as both a safety and an energy saving device, so that the running costs are less than that of a light bulb while still bringing you the luxury of crisp dry towels in summer and cosy warmth in winter.

5.  Safety and convenience

DVlootub-lgeKnown for its safety features, this little (or should we say rather big) baby has rails which are constantly regulated by internal switches to maintain an adequate, comfortable temperature. Heat distribution is paramount to ensure vertical and horizontal tubes are filled with fluid that functions through means of convection and natural circulation.

These rails are unique in that they boast constant surface temperatures while maintaining energy efficiency as they do not draw energy constantly, making them safe and cost-effective too.

6.  Luxury

As with all Jeeves heated towel rails, the N28 is designed to remain switched on, day and night, with additional safety features created to accommodate this functionality. The reality is that turning heated towel rails on and off before and after showering is not an effective solution as towels can take several hours to warm and dry either side of your shower. Keeping it on ensures that your family members are never left with a damp towel when they have forgotten to switch the towel rail on, or have taken a shower out of their normal routine such as on weekends or afternoon sports.

Additionally, the customised Classic N28 heated towel rail brings a luxurious feel to the bathroom with its effortless simplicity.  Available in a bold contoured design, this accessory provides a sense of sublime indulgence combined with an undeniable style, to bring a relaxing ambience to the room. Beautifully designed, this heated towel has an uplifting impact, adding that extra something which enhances the serenity of the bathroom experience.

As a place where you get to relax and let go of the demands of daily life, the bathroom lends itself to indulgence and luxury.  This is your soothing oasis, your space for enjoying quiet time in your day.  Added to this is the fact that you are able to customise this accessory according to your design style so that you enjoy a personalised bathroom experience, tailored to your distinctive style; especially now that you know our little secret ; )