While the pandemic has brought an unprecedented difficult time, it has also made us appreciate everything which adds to our lives – from the people we care about to the small indulgences which add that silver lining to help us through our every day. We at Jeeves understand that each of us is facing unique challenges as we all adjust to this new normal. And in order to support you during this time, we are giving a 20% discount on our heated towel rails for the whole of June until 30.06.2020. Additionally, to ensure your safety, we are providing free direct delivery, bringing your choice of heated towel rail right to the safety of your doorstep. So, just in case you’re wondering just what’s involved in the heavenly experience of a heated towel rail, here’s a sneak peek into bringing a touch of warmth to your bathroom. 1. Affordable Luxury Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds with a touch of luxe that is kind to your pocket too? While a heated towel rail is guaranteed to bring bathroom bliss, this chic accessory promises to indulge both your senses and your pocket. All you need do is enjoy the cosy comfort, courtesy of your heated dowel rail, knowing there’s nothing more delicious than stepping into the warm folds of a fluffy towel or robe after a bath or shower, gently warming you up and keeping the cold winter chill at bay. 2. Storage with Style If you are wanting to re-create the serene atmosphere of a spa, with a relaxed, tidy, uncluttered feel, then a heated towel rail is a perfect solution. Say goodbye to trying to find a place for your towels…and hello to giving them place of pride on your heated towel rail. One design in particular that comes to mind is the Tangent M, consisting of both vertical and horizontal rails. Here, the horizontal bar allows you to complete the spa-look with rolled up towels resting against the surface while being gently warmed up, allowing you to complete your bathroom pampering with a towel heated to perfection. In fact, any of the Jeeves designs brings the sense of tranquillity associated with soothing organised surroundings, simplifying the room with a pleasing sense or order, ensuring each day ends on a soothing luxurious note. 3. Energy Savings As temperatures drop during the day, followed by even colder nights, there’s nothing like simply luxuriating in the warmth of your bath or shower to refresh your senses. Jeeves adds to this heavenly hiatus with automated regulation of heat levels and energy consumption through the advanced Automatic Heating Technology (AHT). All you have to do is focus on your pampering and let Jeeves takes care of the details. This means that even whilst on, AHT ensures that your heated towel rail doesn’t unnecessarily draw power. The result is an intelligent cyclical consumption pattern which gives you impressive energy savings where the electricity consumption of an average sized model is equivalent to that of a standard light bulb! 4. Making a Personal Statement There is nothing like a unique design to bring visual interest to the bathroom. A heated towel rail allows you to just that, while allowing you to bring your individual stamp to the room. With a choice of unique designs, the bathroom becomes transformed into a canvas where you can explore your inner design style. Take the Tangent L as an example. This unique silhouette in the form of a ladder adds a distinctive sophisticated style to the room, effortlessly commanding attention through its tapering lines. In this way, the bathroom becomes a room of pampering and relaxation, enhanced by your personal touch of self-expression. 5. Revitalising colour From softer shades which bring a sense of relaxation to brighter colours which add vibrancy to the space, colour plays an important role in impacting on the mood of your bathroom. Of course, this choice of colour is something personal, depending on the atmosphere you would like to create. Jeeves makes this possible with a wide selection of finishes from the shine of the mirror polished finish which brings a fresh feel to the room, to the matte black for a sophisticated, dramatic impact. Then there’s the matte brushed if you are wanting more neutral tones, bringing a sense of calm to the bathroom space. Antique rose gold or yellow gold finishes add to this choice, bringing a cosy feel to the bathroom setting, while the white finish can either be used as a contrasting colour juxtaposed against a different coloured wall or to bring a clean polished simplicity to the room. Whatever your choice, you are guaranteed to transform your bathroom into your own sanctuary of relaxation. Wrapping up While Jeeves has always been about affordable luxury, our current special aims to suit your pocket and style in order to navigate these challenging times. Additionally, there is no extra cost to delivering your choice with safety and care, right to your door step. One thing is certain, with the wide range of different models – when it comes to the Jeeves’ selection, you are spoilt for choice. From the Classic range with rounded bars which offers a timeless beauty or the modern twist of the Quadro range with a juxtaposing square frame against the softer rounded horizontal bars, to the Spartan models with their contemporary, minimalist designs through to the innovative, artistry of the Tangent range – you can transform your bathroom into your own private haven of pampering.