Bathroom Lighting:

Features can impact on the way you experience and enjoy your bathroom; a beautiful bath can contribute to a luxurious feel, rounded off with crisp warm towels from a heated towel rail.

Lighting is another feature which can dramatically set the mood of your bathroom. While it is necessary to have illumination for tasks, lighting can also be used to enhance different areas and create a shift in the bathroom’s atmosphere.

In this way, lighting can be used both functionally and decoratively resulting in a layered approach, where light is supplied from different sources which can be adjusted according to the design and practical requirements of your bathroom.    Here are a few ideas on how to achieve this.

Ambient or overall layer

The ambient layer serves as the foundation, creating a space with workable light.  This layer lights up the whole room, providing light for traffic and basic tasks.  Ambient light which is placed above task level will create a brighter lighting effect.

  Task Layer

This layer supplies light in specific areas where direct light is needed for more detailed work such as by your mirror area where lighting can assist in personal grooming such as make-up application or shaving.  This is best achieved by symmetrically placing the light source on both sides of your mirror area for even illumination.

  Focal Layer

The focal or accent layer is a design effect which is used to create a particular ambience or to highlight certain bathroom features, such as using spotlights over the bath and shower areas.  This lighting can also be used strategically to draw attention to ornamental pieces, artwork or even bathroom accessories such as a decorative towel or special containers.

Focal layer lighting is often adjustable, so that it can be used in a variety of ways, impacting on the overall look and feel by evoking a definitive mood while creating depth and interest.

This lighting can bring out architectural details such as a recessed shelf or ceiling panel.  It serves to create an artistic point of interest when used in places like under the bathroom counter, around the bathroom mirror, at the base of a bath or even set into the floor.

Focal lighting is also effective in providing night time light which guides the way without having to switch on the main light which can disturb your sleeping patterns.

  Decorative Layer

This layer allows you to explore your creativity. Although the decorative layer provides some illumination, it is chiefly ornamental, serving to create a dramatic effect or accentuate a theme such as when using a chandelier to create a luxurious impact or using modern lighting fixtures to give your bathroom a contemporary feel.

While there are many choices for lighting, keep in mind to miminise the variety of styles and fixtures by using lighting combinations which complement each other decoratively and functionally, creating a sense of balance.  Lighting can also be used to introduce depth and dimension into your bathroom, allowing you to experiment with either creating or eliminating shadows, preventing the intrusion of too much light or allowing a softening effect.  In this way you can personalize your bathroom, contributing to the overall personality and mood of the space and ultimately enhance your bathroom experience.