Whether you have a big, small or challenging shaped bathroom – the size needn’t impact on your time out or the level of your indulgence. And as nothing says ‘indulgence’ quite like a heated towel, we weigh in on matching the ideal heated towel rail for your bathroom size. 1. Guest bathroom The powder room (AKA guest bathroom) is generally a very small, conveniently located room with a toilet and sink, without a shower or bath. And while it may be very small, it needn’t be drab. This is the perfect way to treat your guests to a spa-like look, so that a small space doesn’t mean compromising on the finer things in life. In fact, by adding a compact heated towel rail such as the Tangent M, you not only create a solution for added towel storage, you elevate this bathroom experience into a new dimension of indulgence. 2. Family bathroom A family bathroom can mean sharing this space with 4 or more people. The trick here is to create a space that is fun for the kids, but which can also be transformed into your own haven of relaxation. Despite its minimalist design, this model has a dramatic essence, allowing you to bring a bold unique personal stamp to the room. Added to that, nothing says style and sophistication like the Spartan F, standing at an attention commanding 1475 mm in length. This heated towel rail works particularly well as a glass mounted option, allowing you to enjoy a 360 degree view of your heated towel rail, while basking in the sheer delight of a dry, warm towel to complete your bathroom experience. 3. Small bathroom As you need to leverage every bit of space in a small bathroom, this compact area can inspire great creativity to maximise every inch of the room. Introducing the contemporary styled Quadro P heated towel rail is an ideal way to bring vibrancy to this space. Oozing charm and sophistication, this design creates a visual impact with its square horizontal frame set against groups of round horizontal tubes. These groups of closely spaced bars allow an increased surface area and heat density, ensuring the continuous luxury of heavenly dry, warm towels. Simply put, this baby not only delivers an exotic visual impact, it transforms your small bathroom into a palace of pampering too. 4. Challenging spaces Let’s face it – when it comes to space, some bathrooms may be more challenging than others. However, as with a small bathroom, design challenges often make for the most creative of solutions. Take a long narrow bathroom space for example. By juxtaposing horizontal shapes and lines against the elongated area, you can effectively interrupt the natural visual response to viewing the bathroom’s length. This can be perfectly achieved with the Classic K. With a choice of widths of 750, 1000 and 1 200mm, you visually stretch the width of the room, taking attention away from the length to give the space a wider appearance. And while this solves the visual challenge, there is also the added luxury of being spoilt by a deliciously warmed up towel to complete your bathroom time. 5. Wrapping up When it comes to different sized bathrooms, let it inspire you to find new, innovative solutions to bring fresh design possibilities to the room. And by choosing the ideal design from the Jeeves range of heated towel rails, you’re not only assured of great company, you get to find your perfect match too ;)