Whether you’re enjoying swimming, courtesy of clear blue skies or the hot chocolate and movie weather of overcast days, summer brings a delightful array of different experiences. And nowhere is it more relaxing to either cool off after a hot sticky day or indulge in a sense of cocooning warmth in the rainy season, than in your summertime bathroom. And if you’re looking to take bathroom pampering up a notch or two, look no further than the charms of the heated towel rail – the perfect accompaniment to rounding off that much needed me-time. We take a look at the perfect heated towel rails for your bathroom – come rain or shine! Say goodbye to rainy day blues When it comes to cold rainy days, Jeeves totally has your back. In fact, nothing compares to keeping you snuggled in the warmth of a heated towel. And in case you are wondering just which heated towel rail works best, we are particularly partial to the plug and play model of the Tangent E. With the increased surface area of its groups of horizontal bars (5 + 7), this baby not only brings a design element to the room, adding to the aesthetics of the space, its portable facility also allows it to be used wherever it’s needed. This means you get treated to superbly dry towels wherever you may be in your home, while uplifting your spirits in the process. Swim time And while these charms may be the domain of the bathroom, the heated towel rail is equally at home in the swimming pool changeroom area – an ideal place to dry off your wet costume and towels. Enter the Jeeves Classic D with 4 sets of bars (4, 4, 5, 7) grouped together. Whether you are returning from a sunny day at the beach or just lazing around the pool at home, this heated towel rail provides the ideal solution to providing you with a continuous supply of dry towels. Thanks to the increased surface area and heat density of this design, you are assured of effective towel drying and warming, promising you the enjoyment of beautifully crisp whenever you swim. Bathroom time out There is something about the clean lines and uncluttered affect of the Jeeves Spartan Nine that brings a sense of luxury and sophistication to the room. Whether you’re wanting to cool off from the heat of the day or savouring the time to unwind in your warm haven away from the cold temperatures outside, this design creates a definitive sense of indulgence, easing away your cares into a bath time of idyllic relaxation. Standing tall at 1365 mm, this sleek minimalist design, can make you forget the goings on of the world, so that you get to focus on just being in the moment away from all cares in an oasis of pampering – no matter what the weather. Spa themed tranquillity If you are looking for that über-model of relaxation to wind down from the heat of the day, then the refreshing spa themed bathroom is just for you. Here, the Tangent M is in a league of its own. With its horizontal rail made for heating crisp rolled up white towels, accompanied by a vertical rail for the matching bath sheet, this heated towel rail unquestionably evokes the cool, calming serenity of the gentle spa style. The result is an effortlessly pampering time so that you emerge relaxed and renewed, rounding off your experience with the decadent delight of a deliciously dry towel. A touch of pizzaz Less is definitely more, especially when it comes to the Jeeves Quadro Six. Beautifully handcrafted for the modern bathroom, this contemporary model is designed to bring visual interest to the room. With a squared off frame emphasizing the inner, softer rounded horizontal tubes, the eye is drawn to this interplay of contrasting shapes. Here angular geometric lines meld with the more graceful organic curves of the inner bars - making this design well suited for both hot and cold weather. The Quadro Six is the foundational shape of the Quadro range. With fewer and widely spaced horizontal bars, this model combines the promise of toasty towels with a show stopping aesthetic, permeating the room with a vibrant visual display. Finishing touches When it comes to the summer bathroom, the focus is on creating a breathing space away from the hustle and bustle outside. Think of this area as your own private sanctuary where you get to recharge by taking the time to treat yourself to the creature comforts of our world. And nothing quite adds a sense of pampering than a heated towel rail, gracing your bathroom with infinite chic and charm, bringing you the indulgence of towels warmed up to perfection, each day of the year, 24/7, come rain or shine.