While there is something magical about winter - hot chocolate, thick coats, the icy wind tingling against your cheeks, curling up with a book by the fireplace … if you have been feeling the c-c-c-cold mornings and the even c-c-c-colder nights, it’s time to bring a little heat into your life, courtesy of Jeeves Heated Towel Rails. And because we know that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the Jeeves heated towel rails on offer, we are here to give you a helping hand with a look at some of our hot favourites. 1. Warming you up There is something spectacular about a bathroom accessory that not only brings the promise of warmth, but at the same time transforms the bathroom into an aesthetic experience which transports you into a sumptuous realm of luxury and relaxation. Adding the ladder rail to the bathroom introduces a sense of order associated with a luxe lifestyle while bringing in a playful, innovative touch of reimagining a standard item as an objet d'art. The result is a breath-taking design which is visually inspiring, accompanied by the ultimate touch of indulgence - toasty towels which wrap you a cocoon of warmth. 2. Creating unforgettable moments Elegance combines with symmetry to bring the clean, uncluttered impact of the Spartan Six. Based on minimalist principles of less is more, this design is proof that simplicity is a powerful way of creating a memorable impact. Boasting simple, neat lines, this understated design brings a pleasing and calming effect, creating your very own oasis of tranquillity. With 6 evenly spaced horizontal bars, ready and waiting to provide you with deliciously warmed up towels, you are promised the absolute best of stylish pampering.   3. Staying on trend With a length stretching to 1340mm, the Quadro D was made for spoiling you (and your family), especially in the cold winter months. Accommodating at least 4 fluffy towels waiting to envelop you in the delights of cosiness, you can be assured of a bath time transformed into a haven of luxurious warmth. And when it comes to looks, this baby was just made to turn heads. With the effortless chic of modern design - simple geometric shapes (dominated by squared edges and rectangular frame), softened by the rounded horizontal bars - you are all set to savour a sense of tranquillity with your bathroom experience. 4. Art of relaxation The Spartan Boxx brings an art aesthetic to the room, presenting the heated towel rail as wall decor. Straddling both minimalist aesthetics and a contemporary feel with a simple yet striking design, this model adds a spacious, uncluttered touch, bringing the promise of lazy moments of pampering with soft heavenly heated towels. With well-spaced horizontal bars completely encased in a solid, square frame, this design is set to draw attention as a distinctive piece of art, creating a space of luxurious relaxation.   5. Taking you to the next level The curved Classic C reimagines the heated towel rail while adding character through its 3-dimensional impact in the bathroom. With horizontal bars closely grouped together, maximising heat density and surface area, you are guaranteed to be treated to a constant supply of beautifully warmed, dry towels to ease away the winter chill. At just under a metre in length, this design is offered in a choice of 3 different widths (400 mm, 520 mm and 620mm), making it perfectly at home in different sized bathrooms: from small to en suite spaces, this baby is designed to take your bath time pleasure up a degree or two. Wrapping up With the shorter days and darker evenings that come with the cold season, the bathroom as a serene sanctuary and place of pampering takes on a whole new meaning. This is the time for stepping into the folds of the cosy enclave of a toasty towel. It is the time of indulgence, with the sheer warmth of a heated towel… time to forget all about the cold outside and transform your bath time into a blissful retreat as you turn up the heat with Jeeves this winter.