Below are some of our Frequently Asked Questions. Feel free to Contact Us should you have any further questions.


Question Where can I install my heated towel rail?
AnswerWith an IPX5 rating, the Jeeves range can be installed in Zone 1, 2 and 3 in a bathroom which includes the areas above the bath and next to the shower. With the options of freestanding, wall, floor and glass mounting, all models come standard with concealed wiring on either the left- or right-hand side but can easily be adapted to allow for visible wiring if required. Due to the thermal circulation principle, rails must be mounted with the wiring at the bottom.
Question Can I install the heated towel rail myself?
AnswerYes, you can install the heated towel rail yourself, but the law requires that a qualified electrician connects the electric heated towel rail to the mains.
Question Can I retrofit a heated towel rail into an existing bathroom?
AnswerYes, our electric heated towel rails are supplied with a 1.5-meter flexible power cord. Should an existing power point not be available in the bathroom, the power cord can be fed through the bathroom wall into the next room from where a suitable electrical connection can be found. Failing which, consider our portable ‘plug-in and play’ models in the Tangent Range.


Question Are heated towel rails safe?
AnswerYes, heated towel rails are completely safe for use in the bathroom. Due to our extensive export programme, our products have been tested and accredited to a host of National and International safety standards including SABS, IEC 60335-1, IEC 60335-2-43, EN 442, CE, UL & CUL, SGS CEBEC, AS/NZS 3350.2.43 and NF. Heated towel rails are heating devices and should thus be treated as such and used responsibly.
Question How are heat levels controlled by AHT?
AnswerAutomatically. The self-regulating thermostat automatically achieves and controls the optimum operating temperature of the heated towel rail (45°-60°C), while a security fuse acts as an additional safeguard against overheating. Furthermore, internal fluid circulation is a distinct advantage of the Jeeves range – heat is redistributed along the entire towel rail to ensure that no dangerous ultra-hot spots develop beneath towels.
Question Can I leave my towel rail on all the time?
AnswerOur heated towel rails are designed and safe to remain switched on, day and night. The reality is that turning heated towel rails on and off before and after showering is not an effective solution as towels can take several hours to warm and dry either side of your shower. It also means that your family members are never left with a damp towel when they have forgotten to switch the towel rail on or have taken a shower out of their normal routine (weekends, afternoon sport, etc.).
Question How can I switch the rail on and off?
AnswerJeeves heated towel rails are easily switched on and off using a regular switch located outside the bathroom (as with a bathroom light).


Question What is AHT?
AnswerAutomatic Heating Technology (AHT) is an intelligent, convenient and energy efficient method of heating towel rails. Unique to Jeeves, AHT is the only heating technology featuring a thermostat; a device that automatically responds to temperature changes and activates internal switches controlling the heated towel rail. The benefit is two-fold, optimum operating temperatures and the lowest electricity consumption are achieved without any input from the homeowner. You can therefore experience the sheer luxury of a heated towel rail without having to constantly concern yourself with manual temperature controls or complex digital timers.
Question Running costs?
AnswerAlthough our AHT heated stainless steel towel rails can be left on permanently, they use electricity intermittently and only when required. Running costs therefore range but if we use the ever-popular Spartan I model as an example, which when left on 24hrs per day for 30 days will cost only R30 per month to run! This has been calculated at the 2022 average Eskom electricity price of 140c/kWh. This is much cheaper than using a 3000-watt tumble dryer!

Hydronic heated towel rails powered by solar generated hot water and a wholly solar powered circulation pump results in ZERO running costs! Making use of an electric circulation pump on hydronic heating systems results in negligible running costs due to the very low wattage ratings of these appliances.

Question Do Jeeves offer a switch on the heated towel rail?
AnswerNo, the convenient and energy efficient AHT system negates the need for an external control switch. Our products enjoy improved reliability due to the absence of problematic switches – one will rarely find a heated towel rail where the actual switch is guaranteed for more than 1 year. No switches means that there is no possibility of children, guests or cleaners altering optimum operating temperatures, or mistakenly switching the rail on or off.
Question What is the best way to dry the towel?
AnswerAn effective way to warm and dry towels after bathing or showering is to fold the towel in half, and in half again. There is no need to weave the towels through the horizontal bars, draping the folded towel will suffice. Once folded twice, the heated towel rail width options of 400/520/620mm offer sufficient space for bath sheets.
Question Will a heated towel rail heat my bathroom?
AnswerWhilst it cannot be considered a primary source of heat, our larger fluid filled heated towel rails will certainly take the edge off the cold air.
Question Non-heated towel rails?
AnswerAll Jeeves heated towel rails are available as non-heated towel rails.
Question Custom made, by Jeeves?
AnswerWe are open to manufacturing bespoke designs or tailoring our current range to suit your needs, such as lengthened top wall mounts for when installation overlaps a partly plastered and partly tiled wall.
Question Jeeves Guarantee?
AnswerManufactured from Grade 304 stainless steel, our products sold within South Africa are supplied with a market leading 25-Year Guarantee on the frame while the electrical heating elements and hydronic valves are covered for a period of five years.
Question Manufactured locally or imported?
AnswerWe are proud to offer you a heated towel rail manufactured in South Africa. Controlling the manufacturing process from start to finish under one roof ensures consistency in quality, supply, and price. South African made allows us to provide an after-sales service that is second to none.
Question Where can I buy Jeeves?
AnswerOur products are supplied through an extensive network of leading bathroom retailers. Please use the Find a Retailer search function on this website or contact us for an approved Jeeves dealer in your area on (044) 382 2529 or email
Question Why do I need a heated towel rail?
AnswerOnce considered a luxury, our heated towel rails are now widely used for a consistent supply of warm, dry towels in areas with cold, rainy, or humid climates. Heated towel rails also contribute to a hygienic environment by keeping your towels damp free, preventing a breeding ground for germs and mould. Electricity and water savings are further benefits of a heated towel rail due to the reduced need for towel washing and tumble drying.
Question Should I opt for electric or hydronic heated towel rails?
AnswerDue to significantly reduced running costs, it makes sense to opt for a hydronic unit if you are making use of a solar powered hot water system or water-based underfloor heating system. Even without solar power, it may be a good option to use the water from your electric geyser to operate the hydronic heated towel rails. Should it not be possible to lay pipe work from the hot water source to the heated towel rails, an electric heated towel rail is the best option.