Why Jeeves?

Jeeves is the leading manufacturer of 100% stainless steel heated towel rails in South Africa. We offer two energy efficient heated bathroom rail options, being our electric units with intelligent Automatic Heating Technology (AHT) and the eco-friendly hydronic installation option where our towel rails are heated via the homes’ recirculating hot water system.

Over the years we have built a now well established reputation for unsurpassed quality and service. Jeeves towel rails are consistently handcrafted to an exacting standard, not a price. Our success is based on this philosophy and is reinforced by satisfied customers who remain loyal to our brand. To the envy of our import orientated competitors, Jeeves remains the undisputed market leader of South African manufactured heated towel rails with an extensive export programme ranging across six continents.

As one of life’s affordable luxuries and with an impressive reputation for quality and safety, isn’t it time Jeeves provided you with an uninterrupted supply of warm, dry towels?

Automated Heated Towel Rails

Thankfully, our modern towel rails do not rely on constant user input via external switches to regulate operating times, heat levels and energy consumption. For your convenience, these ever changing functions are performed automatically by our advanced Automatic Heating Technology (AHT).

AHT is an intelligent, convenient and energy efficient method of heating bathroom rails. Unique to Jeeves, AHT features a built-in thermostat which automatically responds to temperature changes and activates internal switches controlling the heated towel rail. The benefit is two-fold: optimum operating temperatures and the lowest electricity consumption are achieved without any input from the user. You can therefore experience the sheer luxury of a heated towel rail without having to constantly concern yourself with manual temperature controls or resetting complex digital timers.


Our AHT heating elements are fitted with a unique self-regulating thermostat and thermal security fuse. The thermostat automatically achieves and controls the optimum operating temperature of the heated towel rail, while the security fuse acts as an additional safeguard against overheating.

Electricity Savings

Jeeves heated towel rails are undoubtedly the most energy efficient on the market. Despite delivering constant surface temperatures, our unique heating elements do not draw power continuously, but rather in cycles. The unique cyclical consumption practice results in impressive energy savings over other heated towel rail brands (which draw power on a constant basis).

In monetary terms, the ever popular Jeeves Spartan I model left on for 24hrs per day for 30 days will cost only R19 per month* to run!

*Calculated at the 2017/2018 average Eskom electricity price of 89.15c/kWh.

Even Heat Distribution

Given that the primary function of electric heated towel rails is to warm and dry towels, heat distribution is a very important consideration due to the direct impact on the heated towel rail’s performance. For maximum benefit, we believe that all horizontal and vertical tubes should be heated which is why we offer sealed, fluid filled heated towel rails. By way of convection, natural circulation of the internal fluid results in an even distribution of heat throughout the entire heated towel rail, thereby eliminating both cold and hot spots.

304 Grade Stainless Steel

Jeeves heated towel rails are individually handcrafted in South Africa from the finest grade 304 stainless steel and have been designed for maintenance free use. Stainless steel by its very nature will not rust, flake or corrode and small marks or scratches can be polished out. Stainless steel is also easy to clean and totally hygienic with no known health risks.

25 Year Guarantee

Jeeves is a trusted brand representing style, quality and performance. Our confidence in our sturdily constructed Electric and Hydronic towel rails is such that we offer a market leading 25 year guarantee against material or manufacturing defects on products sold within South Africa. Replaceable heating elements (electric units) and regulating valves (hydronic units) are covered by a five year guarantee.

A significant advantage of the Jeeves range is that the replaceable thermostatic heating element can be replaced on-site avoiding the need to repurchase or retile over obsolete fixing points.

World Renowned

Our extensive export program has seen the locally manufactured Jeeves range become sought-after in prominent foreign markets which include the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, South America, Australasia, Indian Ocean islands and the Mediterranean countries. Jeeves heated towel rails have therefore been tested and accredited to a host of National and International safety standards including; NRCS (SABS), EN 442, SANS IEC 60335-1, SANS IEC 60335-2-43, CE, UL & CUL, SGS CEBEC, AS/NZS 3350.2.43 and NF.


Jeeves heated towel rails are manufactured with the environment in mind. In addition to impressive energy savings from AHT and Hydronic Heating, our rails are manufactured from locally sourced stainless steel which is 100% recyclable. We recycle manufacturing materials wherever possible and are proud to be a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa.

All Bathroom Zones

An IPX5 rating on all Jeeves heated towel rails allows for safe installation in Zones 1, 2 and 3. This includes the area around water outlets and above the bath.


With the options of freestanding, wall, floor and glass mounting, a Jeeves heated towel rail can be accommodated in almost any position in the bathroom. All models come standard with concealed wiring on either the left- or right-hand side, but can easily be adapted to allow for visible wiring if required.

Modern Bathroom Ideas

With seven surface finish options available, Jeeves heated towel rails are designed to complement any modern bathroom design. These luxurious products will provide years of reliable service, offering you and your family a constant supply of warm and dry towels.