Ever looked at your bathroom and wondered what it will take to move the design dial to the next level?

You’re not alone. With the bathroom coming into its own as a delightful sanctuary of pampering, the space has evolved into a canvas of self-expression. This is a journey of creating an idyllic getaway using captivating elements that transform the room into an enthralling space. 

We share our top tips on how to go from drab to fab with a statement-making bathroom. 

1.  Private Island of Luxury

5 Décor Ideas

Soft breezes usher a soothing tranquillity combined with a good dose of pampering – all delightful ingredients to create your own secluded paradise. And nothing does this better than the indulgent impact of the captivating Quadro Eight, from the Jeeves Heated Towel Rails premium Exclusive Range.   And because Jeeves never does anything halfway, the geometric outside brings an appealing edginess to this handcrafted design which in turn, is softened by its inner tubes as a yin-yang design, bringing an attention-grabbing sophistication to the room. 

Here the captivating interplay of shapes – square borders set against rounded horizontal bars – creates a bold visual impression with the added indulgence of delightfully dry towels, courtesy of the closely spaced bars for increased surface area and heat density to crown your bathroom experience. 

2.  The Impact of Simplicity

5 bathroom Décor Ideas

One of the highlights of the spa aesthetic is the minimalist approach which draws on an uncluttered look to create a heavenly tranquil retreat. This effect reduces all superfluous elements, which in turn accentuates the attractive design features of a space, bringing the opportunity to make an impactful statement in the room.   

Characterised by simplicity and clean lines, the style naturally lends itself to the design of the heated towel rail embodied by the trendy Tangent X. Showcasing the essential, simplified nature of the heated towel rail, the Tangent X epitomises the ‘less is more’ principle of this aesthetic. Here, the inherent charm of this freestanding, floor-mounted heated towel rail lies in its understated yet breath-taking design – a captivating feature in the room, effortlessly drawing attention with a gravity-defying unique look and the added appeal of a constant generous supply of heated towels.  

3.  Focal Allure 

Statement bathroom décor ideas

Born to make a statement and command attention, the Spartan Boxx is an ideal way to turn heads as an artistic display where form meets function. Bringing a wow effect, this heated towel rail oozes character, creating a personalised living space which allows you to explore your creativity in the room.   

With its striking visual impact, this heated towel rail becomes an objet d’art as a sophisticated bathroom accessory which gives you the best of both worlds: a mesmerising visual display topped with the exotic indulgence of towels warmed up to perfection. 

4.  Go Big or Go Home

Jeeves Classic Range

Wondering how to bring immediate oomph to your bathroom in one swift move? Then look no further than the N28 Heated Towel Rail from the Jeeves premium Classic Range.   

Standing at a majestic height of 1740 metres, this tall beauty makes a striking dramatic statement as a bold contoured design. Here, indulgence meets style, offering a design simplicity which effortlessly attracts attention, taking your bathroom to the next level.  

Occupying a large portion of the length of a bathroom wall, this classically shaped towel rail has a visual and visceral impact which adds to the room. With plenty of space for your towels, you are guaranteed a sublime bathroom experience topped by heavenly warmed-up towels, just waiting for you to complete your bathroom routine.

5.  Expect the Unexpected 

statement bathroom

The tapering silhouette of the Jeeves Tangent L Ladder provides the ideal opportunity for transporting your bathroom into a design world of exploration. Here, elements are redefined and repurposed to provide a sense of and a unique visual impact in equal measure. Challenging the mundane, the innovative design of this heated towel rail defies the conventional regularity of geometric shapes, with its slanting contours making an on-trend statement, adding interest and character to the room. This is the perfect way to inject personality into this space, creating an enthralling atmosphere together with the heavenly experience of toasty towels which you get to savour each day.

Wrapping Up 

As your own private sanctuary, the bathroom is a space where you get to experiment in taking the room from ‘meh’ to ‘oh my’. The best part is that this can be as easy as introducing an on-point addition like the heated towel rail to do just that, changing up the space to add pizazz, interest and that je nais se quois to the room – going from basic to statement-making with a feast for your eyes which nurtures your spirit at the same time too.