Accessories transform a bathroom, taking it from ‘meh’ to ‘oh yeah!’

In fact, let’s just say it – they bring the wow factor to the room, adding that special look, that indefinable je nes se quois which ups the ante on aesthetic appeal, giving your bathroom a definitive stamp as your personal haven.  

And when it comes to accessories, there’s one in particular that redefines the bathroom as your private sanctuary. Yes, we’re talking about the magical touch of the heated towel rail. And as the creators of this ultimate addition, we bring our top 5 ideas on how to choose this perfect accessory for your bathroom. 

1.  No Mess, No Fuss 

Perfect Accessory for Your Bathroom

Creating a neat, uncluttered look in the bathroom space creates a sense of spa-like serenity, bringing a visual flow to the room. This means decluttering the space to replicate that relaxed, Zen feel with everything in its place and a place for everything. This can be easily achieved with the Spartan F, a towel rail with a minimalist aesthetic, making it a perfect match for the space where tranquillity and relaxation are key.     

In fact, famous designer, Leonardo Da Vinci is credited with saying “Good design is as little design as possible.” This is borne out in this streamlined rendition of the Spartan F, representing the essence of a heated towel rail.  Here the simplicity of the design creates a captivating display with the additional charms of inviting towels, heated to the perfect temperature, resulting in an impactful accessory that redefines your bathtime. 

2.  Soothing Moments 

Accessory for Your Bathroom

As the ultimate time-out space, the bathroom is a retreat where you enjoy that added extra nurturing, feeding your body and soul. This means creating a world of indulgence by bringing accessories which add that sublime essence to the space. Nothing does this better than the feel of a deliciously warmed-up towel, allowing you to savour the sense of cocooned luxury. And because Jeeves believes in going the extra mile or two, we believe that pampering extends to visual enjoyment too, such as the visual delight of the Tangent X which seems to defy gravity, bringing aesthetic pleasure while treating you to the delights of a continuous supply of towels heated to perfection.

3.  The Perfect Spot

Bathroom Accessory

Storage is key to bathroom organisation. And when it comes to bathroom storage the trick is found in balancing functional needs while creating a visually pleasing look. This best-of-both-worlds philosophy, allows you to manage bathroom practicalities while maintaining a chic look on the outside. If you’re wanting to create this harmony between storage and style, then we would say that the Quadro P is perfect for you. With 3 groups of bars, you get to have a perfect place for storing your towels (and displaying them too) while having heavenly warmed towels as the pièce de résistance when rounding off your bathroom experience.

4.  A Question of Style

Jeeves Spartan Boxx - Mirror Polished

When it comes to adding that extra dimension of sublime comfort you need an accessory that can transform your bathroom into a majestic experience; something unique, that is associated with a sumptuous lifestyle. When it comes to bathroom rails for towels, the Spartan Boxx more than fits this bill. With its innovative stylishness, this design brings sophistication to the room, evoking associations of modern artwork. With its attention to detail, this handcrafted design makes an effortless statement of stylish, chic elegance, crowned by the heavenly delights of warm, dry towels.

5.  Making it Personal 

Jeeves Quadro Six

Bringing a unique accessory to the room can create a one-of-a-kind style accent, bringing a distinctive look to the room. Adding character creates a unique ambience while reflecting your personality and design style. While there are many options, choosing something out of the ordinary such as the Quadro Six allows you to do just that.  

Making a dramatic entrance into the bathroom, the Quadro Six is set to draw attention with the yin-yang interplay of gentle horizontal bars set against a geometric linear border. Here, classic round bars set up a challenge for the squared-off shape of the outer bars. The result is a mesmerising accessory which transforms the room, bringing a modern accent to the bathroom space. 

Wrapping Up 

It’s time to turn your bathroom into an idyllic space which is decidedly your own, choosing accessories which enrich your bathroom experience while reflecting your personal style. Jeeves makes this oh-so-easy with an extensive choice of swoon-worthy sculptured heated towels which promise to bring effortless beauty and pleasure to your bathroom experience. In fact, your biggest challenge is going to be having to settle on just one of the captivating designs on offer.  

Whatever your choice, these accessories will ensure that you take your design and bathroom experience to the next level.