While cold winter mornings may tempt you to stay that extra 5 (who are we kidding, at least 30) minutes in bed, winter has its own charms: quiet mornings, lazy weekends with the sun rising later, that delicious steaming cup of coffee (or even better, hot chocolate) to start off your day, appreciated all the more because of the chill in the air. And then of course there’s the added blissful promise of a heavenly heated towel just waiting to complete your bathroom routine.  

Yes, it’s that time of savouring heated towel rails in bathrooms which transform your space into a private haven of warmth. And if you’re wondering just where to start, as we have particular expertise in that department, we thought we’d share a few ideas of some of our own favourites from the Jeeves collection of heated towel rails. 

1. Cosying Up 

Jeeves Classic D- Matt Black - Bring Warmth to Winter with Jeeves 

Let’s face it, there are times, especially on a frosty day, when you need that extra special pampering of sinking into the soothing warmth of a heavenly heated towel. And when it comes to bathroom rails for towels the Jeeves Classic D has indulgence written all over it. 

Stretching to 1340mm, this towel rail can hold 4 towels, gently heating them up to perfection to add a dimension of sublime relaxation to complete your unforgettable bathroom experience.  


Jeeves Spartan F - Mirror Polished - Bring Warmth to Winter with Jeeves 

You know the Goldilocks tale – yeah, the one where the fit was ‘too big’… ‘too small’… and finally, ‘just right’! If you resonate with this story, then the oh-so-delicious, sweet spot of the ‘just right’ Spartan F has your name written all over it. With 1065mm of sleek, simple design oozing delightful warmth, you are guaranteed a towel rail with a minimalist look and a luxe feel. 

Clean lines and uber simplicity mean that this beauty adds a sophisticated appeal to bring a sense of elegant spaciousness to the room, permeating the space with a relaxed feel and the anticipated pleasure of wrapping yourself in a cosily heated towel.  

3. Perfect Timing 

Jeeves Tangent X- Mirror Polished - Bring Warmth to Winter with Jeeves 

If you think that the ultimate in bathroom bliss is sinking into a heavenly warm bath – just wait until you experience the pampering effect of the Jeeves Tangent X. Standing patiently, within effortless reaching distance, this handcrafted design adds a dimension of delightful warmth to your bathroom indulgence, providing towels at the ultimate temperature and precise moment that you step out of your bath or shower.  

 Designed to create an ambience of serenity, this free-standing floor-mounted beauty promises the ultimate indulgence in warmth when it comes to bathroom rails for towels.  

4. Dramatic Entrance 

Jeeves Quadro P- Mirror Polished - Bring Warmth to Winter with Jeeves 

Whoever said winter needs to be dull? In fact, the Jeeves Quadro P turns this myth on its head! Contrasting sharp angles of its outer border against the soft curves of inner rounded horizontal bars creates an accentuated 3-D effect resulting in a powerful statement piece. This head-turning design effortlessly draws attention with its opposing interdependent contours bringing a unique harmony to the bathroom space accompanied by a pervasive visual interest, creating a striking and dynamic effect.   

With an aesthetic impact which creates a bold visual impression, this baby is set to further turn up the heat with a constant supply of toasty towels, transforming your bathroom routine into a treasured oasis of warm indulgence. 

5. Hands On 

Jeeves Tangent M- Mirror Polished - Bring Warmth to Winter with Jeeves 

Of course, we get it – it’s cold out there and your hands need some loving care and attention too. Well, look no further than the spa-inspired Tangent M. Wonderfully designed with a horizontal shelf for rolled-up hand towels, this clutter-free favourite adds a delightful storage option while making sure that your hands are treated to the welcoming touch of warmed-up towels. And in true Jeeves style, there’s the added enchantment of a heated bath towel to round off your bath time, courtesy of the vertical extension of this trendy towel rail.  

Wrapping Up 

While the icy season has its charms, it is the time to answer winter’s cloak of frost by turning up the heat in the bathroom space. Roughly translated, this means it’s time to turn up the pampering.  

With this in mind, we invite you to enjoy the sumptuous delights of bathroom comfort: from the enchantment of a hot bath or shower, topped off with delicious warmth courtesy of your heated towel rail, you are all set to experience the joys of a snug retreat dedicated to relaxation with the promise of toasty dry towels throughout winter and beyond.