Looking to take the wow effect in your bathroom to a whole new level?

A focal point will help you to do just that, creating a visually magnetic impact that draws the viewer’s gaze as they enter the room. 

And as a creator of items that are (ahem) high up on the eye-catching spectrum, Jeeves weighs in with 5 inspiring ideas on bringing this décor element into your bathroom. 

1.  Simply the Best 

bathroom focal point tips

The incomparable glass-mounted Spartan F makes an unquestionable focal point, immediately capturing attention while transforming your bathroom into your very own idyllic island of tranquillity. Bringing allure and sophistication to create your own private oasis, this heavenly heated towel rail sits flush against the glass door of the shower, bringing you toasty towels within easy reach.  All you need to do is to step out of your bath or shower to experience an escape into blissful relaxation. 

2.  Make a Statement  

bathroom focal point ideas

Artwork is an ideal way to infuse the bathroom with the distinctive feel of a vibrant focal point.  And with Jeeves, you are not only able to think outside the box – in the case of the Spartan Boxx, you also get to use the box itself to create an innovative striking feature in the room. 

With its gallery-like design as a framed work of art, this heated towel rail effortlessly commands attention both aesthetically and with the sumptuous experience of deliciously heated towels. 

3.  Luxury Living 

focal point of your bathroom

Charisma. Refinement. Indulgence. This is the essence of the attention-grabbing Tangent X, a gravity-defying design that brings a pampering edge to your bathroom experience. 

Waiting patiently at your service, heating your towels to perfection while you indulge in your bath or shower, this heated towel rail sets the tone for unforgettable moments of luxurious living. 

4.  Art Redefined  

bathroom focal point design

With its streamlined tapering lines and playful design, it is easy to see why the trendsetting Tangent L Ladder effortlessly steals the show in the bathroom arena. This heated towel rail is all charm, with an intriguing design which delivers an exquisitely artistic reinterpretation of its regular, everyday namesake. 

As a décor feature in the bathroom, this ‘regular’ piece comes into its own as objet d’art, bringing a star-like quality to the room. 

5.  Set the Scene  

master bathroom focal point

The oomph and pizazz of the Quadro Six bring an engaging point of interest to the bathroom.  Outside squared bars interact with the circular inner tubes, juxtaposing two distinctly different shapes working together to create a sense of balance and harmony. This is ideal for the bathroom – a space which is used to both invigorate and relax. Renewal is achieved using the vibrancy of the ‘yang energy’ of the outer bars which alternate with the ‘yin energy’ of the inner bars, ushering in a quiet serenity when it comes to winding down at the end of the day. 

The result is a sublime focal point with a sense of equilibrium that pervades the bathroom space, creating a compelling décor experience through the synergy of these two different forces. 

Wrapping Up 

From creating a dramatic impact to set the scene for a relaxing end-of-the-day ambience, the focal point is a design element that enhances the bathroom experience. All you need to do is sit back while figuratively (and literally) soaking up the atmosphere, knowing that with deliciously warmed-up towels just waiting to pamper you, courtesy of your heated towel rail… the best is yet to come.